2021 Summer - Covid-19, Delta Variant Summer of Hell - Thankfully, no masks in Denmark or Sweden.
An Exciting Summer 2021 with travels to Aalborg, Denmark and Stockholm, Sweden... and More!


Ari learning to sail, with Margalith at the Helm, Hellerup, Denmark August 2021

Adam at the Helm

On the Waxholmbolaget boat to Vaxholm, Sweden

Vaxholm, Sweden

Skagen, Denmark

Råbjerg Mile, Skagen, Denmark

Råbjerg Mile, Skagen, Denmark - not the Sahara Desert, but Denmark's biggest Sand Dunes, 3.5 Billion cubic meters of sand, up to 40 meters high

Skagen, Denmark - where two seas collide together- Grenen in Skagen, Denmark's northernmost point, very unique where the two seas join, Skagerak and Kattegat. they meet and the Waves collide together

Skagen, Denmark - Ari and Margalith have one foot in each different sea. (touristy)

Lihie learning Stand Up Paddleboard

On Rå Bjerg Mile, July 2021